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Events for 2019

Thursday 19th to Thursday 26th September - an informal "a la carte" holiday in Devon and Cornwall, in which members can join and leave at any point during week-long event. Invitations were sent out on 17 April. There is no formal closing date for this event.

Thursday 7th November - the traditional London Walk - we will be visiting the Science Museum and the Tower of London to view previously unseen works by Terence Cuneo.

Events for 2020

Saturday 4th April - AGM. This will take place at The Army School of Music, Kneller Hall, Twickenham.

June - an "At Home" in Hampshire - details being arranged

Wednesday 26th August - "Six hours in Swindon", visiting the Science Museum Group Store at Wroughton and the STEAM Museum in Swindon

September - Another a-la-carte holiday, based in the Bristol area is being planned

Thursday 5th November - the traditional London Walk - location to be advised.

******Kindly note that whilst guests are welcome, priority will be given to members where numbers are limited******

The Journal
The Spring Edition was distributed on 18 May 2019. The Summer edition will be issued at the end of July/early August.

The Calendar
The Society's 2020 Calendar is now available from the Shop.

Previous Events

Events from 2019

Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th June - Three "At Home" visits in the Melton Mowbray area.
This two-day event began with many members arriving for a "cuppa and cake" at Helen Pike's home, with the opportunity to see her original of "The Masseuse", and many other Cuneo-related items. The next day members visited a private home where seven original Cuneos were on display amongst many other famous artists's works. A complimentary lunch was provided at Langer Hall, followed by a visit to Humphrey and Diana Platts for another "cuppa and cake" and viewing of their original "Night Express".


At Helen's Cuneo's "The Lord Mayor's Procession", 1950 Our Hosts out Riding
Cuneo's "The Flower Boat, Kashmir, India" Lunch at Langar Hall With the Platts for tea

Saturday 6th April - AGM
This year's AGM was held at the Bentley Drivers Club, Wroxton, Banbury, with 46 members attending. The meeting started after a presentation by Ian Scott who outlined the history of Bentley, its racing achievements, and range of motor vehicles, closing with an overview of the paintings involving Bentleys that Cuneo painted. The original of Stanley Sedgewick in the 8 litre Bentley UL 7, in the Boardroom was visited by Society members. The main event during the meeting was the retirement as Society Secretary of Geoff Squires and the inauguration of Gilly Rainer as his successor. Scott Hillsdon was also commended on the tenth anniversary of his role as MembershipSecretary.

Our host Noel Trewela and speaker Ian Scott
looking at
their "thank you" gifts

The trophy presented to Geoff Squires
on standing down as Society Secretary after seven years' service
Gilly Rainer being introduced as the new Society Trustee and Secretary Society President, Carole Cuneo showing members
her handshake with HM The Queen


Thursday 28th February - "Six Hours in Street"

This day comprised three elements, firstly an illustrated talk by Carole Cuneo about the three lectures she was to have given on her trip on P&O's Ventura in December; secondly a viewing of Terence Cuneo's "The Sole Room", and talk about the painting and the history of the Clark Shoe Company; lunch; then a visit to the Shoe Museum and the Clark's Outlet Village.

Carole starting her talk The "Brown Peters" slippers, the first shoes, introduced in 1828 Dr Tim Crumplin giving his talk
Cuneo's Commissioning Letter Cuneo's Acceptance Letter Research pictures by Nuttalls
The Clark's first home in Street Cuneo's "The Sole Room" In the Shoe Museum


Events from 2018

Thursday 8th November - The London Walk, 2018

30 Members came along to our day in London, visiting the Archives and Exhibition Centre at the newly opened Postal Museum, then a ride on the underground Mail Rail. At 11:00 Jessica Woolf escorted us to the Discovery Room and explained the commission given to Terence Cuneo, and then in small groups we visited the archives to see the actual paintings, the documentation behind them including the Queen's approval letter for the stamps to be issued. We also saw Cuneo's painting of the Post Office Tower, and many works by other famous artists in the Museum's collection. Members visited the Exhibition Hall and then after lunch enjoyed the ride on the converted portion of the cross-London underground postal railway now called Mail Rail.

Ice Cream cart at Museum entrance, with one of the many wall postboxes in the background Images of Cuneo's five paintings in the "Famous Trains" set issued by Royal Mail in 1985, reproduced on postcards An early 5-wheeled delivery cycle
One of the two unadopted designs by John Thirsk for the Famous Trains issue On-board the Mail Train Disembarking the Mail Train

Wednesday 19th September - "Six Hours in Aldershot"

Our day at Normandy Barracks, Aldershot, started with an excellent presentation by Major Robert Yuill in which he explained how the eight Rifle Battalions had been formed by amalgamation of many other Regiments over the years. He explained that there were five Battalions in regular service, three in reserve, and 15,000 cadets in all manner of units around the country. Each of the eight Battalions has its particular barracks and the eight original Cuneos they own are spread across them. We were able to see and enjoy the two in the Officers Mess "Leeson Street Patrol" and "Snipe Action at Kidney Ridge, El Alamein", and understand the stories behind them. Unfortunately our visit to the Military Museum in the afternoon was cancelled as the keyholder had gone off site!!

Leeson Street Patrol Snipe Action, El Alamein
Presentation Title Major Rob Yuill explaining details of the painting


Thursday 28th June to Tuesday 3rd July - The Cuneo Holiday

This year's holiday started with a Welcome Dinner at the Hop Pole Inn, Ollerton in Northamptonshire. Friday took us to the Museum of the Queen's Royal Lancers at Thoresby Court, where Cuneo's painting Knightsbridge was on display, and the Curator, Captain Holtby, explained the story behind it and the meaning of many of the items in the Museum. We then went to Tuxford, to the Museum of the Horse, where a display of over 30, mainly equine prints by Terence Cuneo were on display in one of the well-lit galleries.

Some of the Holiday party enjoying the Welcome Dinner Mick telling the Queen's Lancers' Story
Cuneo's "Knightsbridge", featured on the Antiques Roadshow, with Tim Ellis, the only survivor, who died recently Sally Mitchell and Carole Cuneo discussing "Derby Day" Philip enthusing about the Roundhouse

On Saturday, the morning visit was to the Derby Roundhouse, the first such structure in the world, where Philip O'Brien explained the history and operation of the complex. A visit to the Derby Museum followed, where Matt Freeman showed us George Grimes' interpretation of Cuneo's Railcar on the Traverser, (from Number 3 Shop, Derby Works), and we also toured the museum looking at the exhibition of Joseph Wright's paintings.

George Grimes' study of Cuneo's original Cuneo's original of "The Railcar on the Traverser" A small part of the Joseph Wright Gallery
"The White Horse" His face! Libby painting her models
Some of the Members working on their models The finished products waiting to go in the kiln

On Sunday we visited the Angel and White Horse in Tadcaster and saw Cuneo's original of the White Horse in the bar there.
Crossing the road to Clayfever, members spent 90 minutes decorating mouse related ceramic objects.
Brigadier Edward Wilkinson pointing to himself in Cuneo's "Presentation of the New Colours at Newark" which he commissioned One of Crealock's watercolours "A Sail in Sight" from 1895 Canvas copy of Cuneo's "Toyota Manufacturing Plant, Burnaston" in 1991, presented to Toyota by Laing Management in 1992 on completion of phase 1
The mouse being transported into the factory in the back of the open truck Richard Woods, operating the controls for the whole of Kings Cross station Linda with her pudding at the Bella Vita Italian Restaurant on the Sunday evening!

Finally on Monday we visited the Mercian Regimental HQ in Chilwell where Brigadier Edward told the story of how he commissioned and was part of the Cuneo painting there of the Presentation of the New Colours at Newark with Newark Castle in the background. We also saw some of the Crealock water colours painted 120 years ago. A visit to the massive Toyota works at Burnaston was next where a canvas copy of Cuneo's 1991 paintning of the works at that time for John Laing was on show, the little mouse in the open truck entering the works being a highlight! Finally in the evening a visit to the huge O gauge model railway layout from Kings Cross to Doncaster and Leeds was enjoyed by all, hosted by Society members Richard and Joy Woods. A fabulous and varied long weekend!!!


Stop Press - Other items that might be of interest to members:-

Cuneo Calendar, 2020

This is now availble from the Shop

Robert Perera, Lymington - Retail Sale

This 1955 original Cuneo painting is being offered for sale at £8,500.00

"Where The Dead Men Stand Up", Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Bonhams Auction, 5 July 2019 at Goodwood Festival, Chichester

One original Cuneo is up for auction in this sale. This is a copy of the Post Office Tower, signed by Terence Cuneo. Handwritten on the reverse of the canvas is the wording "'This painting is a copy taken from my original canvas", signed by Terence Cuneo. The origianal is still held at the Postal Museum in London. This signed oil copy is for sale with and estimate of £4,000 to £5,000. It was used for the 1965 Dunlop Calendar. This painting sold for £5,062 including premiums.

The Canterbury Auction Galleries, 11th and 12th June, 2019

One very rare canvas laid on board original American scene is being auctioned, with an estimate of £3,000 to £5,000. The painting was sold on 11 June for £6,600.

."Cream Chevrolet Truck approaching Railway Crossing", 1948

Bonhams Auction, 3 July 2019, London

One original Cuneo is up for auction in this sale

"Broomyard Factory", estimate £4,000 to £6,000. Realised £8.812 incl premium

Rail Art 2019 - At Kidderminster Railway Museum, Severn Valley Railway

The Guild of Railway Artists's 2019 Exhibition opens Saturday 17th August and runs until Sunday 29th September. It is open daily from 10:00am until 6:00pm except opening day (from 12:30pm) and closing day (until 2:00pm)


Christies Auction, London, 9 April 2019

Two original paintings featured in the Rootes 1953 calendar were offered for sale on 9 April.

Ceremony of The Keys
Estimate £8,000 to £12,000
Lifeguards in The Mall
Estimate 15,000 to £25,000

For Sale at Westenhanger Auctions, Kent on Sunday 24 February were:

This painting sold for £6,200

For Sale at Auction on 3 March 2019 were three of Terence Cuneo's numerous Mouse Paintings

"Explorer" "Muskateer, two" "When did you last see your father?"

Sworders Fine Art Auctions, Essex, 26 February 2019

These two rarely seen original paintings were sold by Sworders in the above Sale:

"Freight East from Pietermaritzburg", 1980
(headed by a class GMA Garrett 2-8-4+4-8-2)
(sold for £9,400)

"Queue for the Sheds, French Locomotives Waiting at Boulogne Depot", 1979
(did not achieve its reserve of £15,000, but was sold after the auction)

also sold were two of Terence Cuneo's mice paintings, both very nicely framed with provenance on the rear reaching a hammer price of £2,400 for the pair.

"The Sergeant" "The Camp Follower"


Christies Auction, London, 16 November 2018

Four original paintings were offered for sale on 16 November, using online bidding

The Castles at Tyseley, 1967
Est £26k to £35k

Boulogne Depot
Est £30k to £50k
Sold for £40,000
A Horse Guard, 1951
Est £10k to £15k
Sold for £15,000
Lord Mayor's Procession, London, 1950
Est £15k to £25k
Sold for £18,750

Horse in Art Exhibition, Tuxford, 17 September, 2018

This year the Cuneo Medal was awarded to Jane Braithwaite, SEA for her collection of five works, at the ceremony held by the Society of Equestrian Artists at the Sally Mitchell Gallery in Tuxford on Sunday 17 September. Carole Cuneo presesnted her with the Cuneo Medal.
Registered Charity No 1124042

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