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The Cuneo Society has been in existence since 2001, and currently has about 180 members.

Being a member of the Society enables one to benefit on two levels. The first is the active side, where opportunities exist to join in the various types of event held each year:-

1. The "London Walk", usually in November, where visits to a number of London sites with original paintings by the Cuneo family is arranged. These locations are each within walking distance, or an underground station or two. There are refreshments and a lunch.

2. Visits to sites often outside London where original Cuneo art work can be seen. Similar to the London Walk, one (or two sites not too far apart) are visited, again with refreshments and arrangements for lunch included.

3. The AGM is normally held in March. Locations change each year, but the common theme is that there is the meeting, a farewell dinner, and either an on-site exhibition or a visit is organised to somewhere close by. Sometimes the meeting is held in a pleasant hotel, which provides an additional opportunity for breakfast and evening social activities.

4. The Annual Holiday is proving to be very popular. It is normally held in September. There is an option to stay for either four or five nights in the chosen hotel on a half board basis. The location changes each year. There is a day of visits to see original Cuneo art work, and other days with visits to selected museums, preserved railways, local features, etc.

5. "At Home" visits, where a Member has an Open House for Society Members to visit to see the Member's collection, enjoy arranged displays, see the locality, etc.

The second collective benefits of membership are more on the passive side:-

1. Receipt of the Cuneo Society Journal (four issues per year). This is a full colour production containing a wide range of news topics, editorial, feature articles, colour photographs, and so on.

2. Opportunity to purchase Society merchandise including the annual calendar, items for sale from other Members, and to sell Cuneo-related items to other Members

3. Opportunity to contribute to the Society with knowledge, articles, pictures, etc.

4. Access to the Society archive.

Membership of the Society is available on a Joint (£25.00pa) or Individual (£17.50pa) basis.

Joint membership provides full membership for two persons living at the same address.

Only one "Society Journal" is despatched per membership address.

The Society is fully GDPR compliant.

If you are interested in joining the Cuneo Society and would like a Membership Form, you can either e-mail your details to the Cuneo Society Membership Secretary or download and print a Membership Application Form.

E-mail:- Membership Secretary

Membership Application Form

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