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About nine thousand of Terence Cuneo's images have been recorded, including some two thousand paintings. They cover a wide range of subjects. Below are some examples:-

Early Illustrations (B&W and Colour)

"There was no need for further Orders"
"Radio Contact"

16th Century Barn, Surrey

"Jeremy Sayers"

Military Paintings

"Paras Have Landed"
"The Defence of Calais"

"Road to Basra"


Mouse Cartoons

"The Gun Mouse"



Railway Paintings

"Winston Churchill at Bournemouth Shed"
"Duchess of Hamilton on Shap"

"Alan Pegler driving Flying Scotsman"
"Bentley vs The Blue Train"


Royalty & Portraits

"Sir Edward Heath"
"Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery of Alamein"

"Her Majesty The Queen with her Dogs at Frogmore"
Copyright © The Kennel Club


Scenery & Wildlife

"The Paddy Fields"
"The Malay Quarter, Cape Town"


"The Quiet Backwater, Venice"

"A Day's Work Done"


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is held by the Cuneo Estate unless otherwise stated

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